About us

We are a small team of wonder women dedicated to reinventing shapewear.

A big claim, huh!  So, let's start with why we feel it needs reinventing.  Honestly, each of us has been a customer ourselves of shapewear for many years, but we were disappointed (okay, embarrassed) by how it looked & felt.  We want shapewear to enhance our figures - sculpt those curves, smooth those lumps & bumps - but does that really mean we have to wear ugly girdle-like garments?!  Come on, this is 2015!!

We set up Grace & Wilde for us, and we would LOVE to share it with you - ladies like us, who know that when we look our best, we feel our best.  We're more confident, happier and more effective in our jobs.  Hell, we're even sexier!

Who's behind all of this?  We are five real women, each of us on journeys of our own with our bodies.  We're not a big corporation - we're passionate women who juggle high-powered jobs, families and dating, with staying up until the early hours & working weekends to make our big dream a reality (cheesy, but true!).

Image of Grace & Wilde team

Our dedication to looking & feeling great goes deeper than just selling shapewear though (don't get us wrong, we love doing that too!), so in our newsletter & blog, you'll find styling advice, inspiration from female entrepreneurs, and all-round feel-good tips to brighten & inspire your day.

So, come join us on our feel-good journey.  Let's lose that negativity over our figures, and instead - embrace & enhance them - because it is okay to get a little help sometimes!

Happy shaping!